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Social Media Assets2023-08-03T14:31:27+00:00

#1 Community Graphics for social channels
Facebook / Twitter
Instagram Story

#2 WSPD Graphics for social channels
Facebook / Twitter
Instagram Story

Print / Design Materials2023-08-08T09:57:02+00:00

Supporter Poster
A4 PDF poster for print
Digital JPG poster

Empty Belly Poster
A4 PDF poster for print
Digital JPG poster

Guides to Fundraising2023-08-03T14:02:21+00:00

Fundraising Tips – PDF document
Social Media Guide – PDF document

Raising funds for vital services for your community2023-07-31T12:07:09+00:00

Every community deserves access to vital services that provide a lifeline for those in need. At Pieta, we understand the importance of offering free and accessible support to individuals affected by suicide and self-harm. That’s why we’re launching our powerful campaign, Go Amber, to raise funds for these lifesaving services that have become the beacon of hope for countless lives. With your support, we can continue to offer these vital services to communities across Ireland and make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Small business? Here’s how you can fundraise for vital services for your community.

1. Donation Matching

Encourage your employees and customers to donate to Go Amber by offering to match their contributions up to a certain amount. This not only incentivizes donations but also showcases your SME’s dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

2. Cause Related Marketing

  • Product or Service Offerings: Develop special offerings where a portion of the proceeds from specific products or services is donated to Go Amber. This can attract customers who want to support Pieta while receiving value from their purchase. Promote these offerings through your website, social media channels, and other marketing channels.
  • Donate a portion of your daily sales to Go Amber.

3. Social Media

Leverage the power of social media to spread awareness about Go Amber and encourage donations.

4. Workplace Giving

Implement a workplace giving program where employees can donate to Go Amber directly from their pay.

Raising awareness of Pieta’s lifesaving services2023-07-31T12:07:19+00:00

By raising awareness of Pieta’s lifesaving services through Go Amber, you become a catalyst for change in your community. Your voice, your actions, and your support can help illuminate the path towards hope, healing, and resilience for those affected by suicide and self-harm.

Why Raise Awareness?

  • Shining a Light on Mental Health

Mental health matters. By raising awareness of Pieta’s services, you help destigmatise these issues, encourage open conversations, and create a compassionate environment where individuals can seek help without judgment or fear.

  • Saving Lives, One Story at a Time

Every life is precious, and every story deserves to be heard. By raising awareness, you amplify Pieta’s message, ensuring that those struggling know that help is available. By sharing stories of hope, resilience, and recovery, you inspire others to reach out and find the support they need.

  • Community Support for All

Pieta’s services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. By raising awareness, you ensure that individuals, families, and communities know that they are not alone. Together, we can create a safety net of support, where no one must face their darkest moments alone.

  • Empowering Change

Awareness leads to action. By shining a spotlight on Pieta’s lifesaving services, you motivate individuals and organizations to get involved, whether through volunteering, fundraising, or advocating for mental health resources.

Advocating for Positive Mental Health2023-07-31T12:07:24+00:00

By advocating for positive mental health through Go Amber, you demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff, community, and customers. Through small daily positive actions, you contribute to a culture of understanding, support, and resilience.

Small Daily Positive Actions

  • Positively Interact with Your Staff

Within your organisation, prioritise creating a supportive and compassionate work environment. Encourage open communication, active listening, and empathy among your staff members. Small gestures of kindness and appreciation can go a long way in fostering positive mental health among your team.

  • Engage with Your Community

Extend your commitment to positive mental health beyond the workplace. Take the initiative to interact with your local community, building connections and promoting wellbeing. Support local mental health initiatives, participate in community events, and collaborate with other businesses to create a network of support.

  • Foster Customer Wellbeing

As a business, prioritise the wellbeing of your customers. Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals feel comfortable and valued. Offer resources or information related to mental health, both within your establishment and through online platforms. Small actions, such as kind words, a listening ear, or informative materials, can positively impact someone’s day.

Save money by learning to delegate tasks.

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